Friday, September 17, 2010

Palo Alto - We've Got You Covered

 Here is a walking tour of downtown Palo Alto restaurants in the GetQuik network.  This tour is as of September 2010.

Pasta? is a popular mid-range Italian restaurant.  As to be expected, you can choose from a wide selection of wines and beer with your meal.

Cafe epi features a healthy sandwich and salad menu.  An example of the healthy options - with a sandwich purchase, you can choose between vegetables (carrots, green beans or asparagus) or a green salad.  They also offer gourmet coffee. 

Kan Zeman is one of the more popular Mediterranean restaurants downtown Palo Alto, of which there are many. 

OK, like I was saying, there are many Mediterranean options downtown Palo Alto.  All of them seem to be busy.  Cafe 220 has a nice variety of Mediterranean meals and wraps.

Next door to Cafe 220, you will find the flagship Pizza My Heart location.  Pizza My Heart is one of the most popular pizza chains in Northern California with 18 (soon to be 19) locations.  Pizza My Heart offers thin-crust award-winning pizzas.  Besides offering delivery, Pizza My Heart is well known for its pizza slice deals, including the t-shirt, slice and drink combo.  There is a good chance that if you don't have a Pizza My Heart shirt, you soon will.

Sprout Cafe is the place to go for custom, exotic salads (the word deluxe and gourmet are way overused right?).  Walk down the line and pick and choose your salad options.  Sprout only used the freshest ingredients.  They also have sandwiches as well.

Head west down Emerson Street to find ThaiphoonThaiphoon offers Thai food along with a fully stocked bar.  Great place to take a casual business meeting and enjoy a dish of Pad Thai.

Back to University Street, you will find Round Table Pizza.  The last honest pizza.  Round Table is one of the largest and fastest growing pizza restaurants in the nation.

Back down Emerson Street, you will find Mantra Restaurant & Lounge.  Mantra is a fusion of Indian & Pakastani food.  A favorite of Stanford students and faculty alike.  This is a fine dining establishment with high ceilings and carefully prepared and presented meals.  Currently they are running a great lunch buffet offer, so check it out for a great deal.

Next door to Mantra you'll find Gordon Biersch.  Gordon Biersch is a brew-house famous for its brews and its garlic fries.  Good place to grab a burger and a beer.

Head down Hamilton Avenue and head over to Cafe Rennaissance.  Great deals on Persian food at this off the beaten path restaurant.

Next door to Cafe Rennaissance, you'll find New York Pizza.  Home of the King Kong size pizza.  Yes, it really is massive pizza pie.  New York Pizza has a loyal following and offers excellent prices and delivery too.

Back down University, you'll find one Hyderabad House.  Hyderabad House has a smaller location, and they pack them in for lunch.  They feature Indian food at an affordable price.

Head down Ramona Street to get some Carribean food at Coconuts.  Jerk Chicken, Beef Oxtail and Coconut Curried Shrimp are favorites.  Grab a Red Stripe, enjoy the food and reggae.

Note, if you are to Google Map this path, it is not the most efficient pathway.  This is simply a very simplistic view of some of the anchor restaurants downtown PA.

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