Monday, July 30, 2007

A Little Too Much Caffeine

So what kind of person does it take to visit every Starbucks in the world?

Pretty much a boring, nerdy one who likes to finish what he starts. The guy who goes by Winter has acheived fame for his quixotic quest. There is a documentary about him called "Starbucking" and he has been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles. Today Winter was interviewed on Live 105's "The Woody Show". Surprisingly, he is not a big fan of either Starbucks or coffee. He just happened to think that this would be a goal that would be tough to acheive, and thus began his journey.

He has been at this since 1997, and has visited 7047 Starbucks during this time period. You have to give Winter credit for his tenacity, but seriously question his game plan. Someone with Winter's drive could have figured out a goal that was difficult and actually had some positive socially impact. Read a little of his web-site, and you can tell that the guy is a little odd. I guess you have to be strange to devote a decade and counting to this effort.

Isn't 10 years enough? It reminds me of the scene in Forrest Gump where Forrest runs from coast to coast. Eventually, one day he just stopped running and got on with his life. Winter needs to move on as well. At the rate that Starbucks is expanding, the goal is not only silly, but also impossible.

If you were to look at Winter's project in terms of business venture, you could give him an "A" for execution, a "D" for vision, and an "F" for exit. Then again, if this is what makes him happy, then more power to him. His web-site is

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