Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Death to Traditional Ads

And Your Next American Idol Is...

Now that TiVo and DVR's are mainstream, recording and watching your favorite shows at your leasure has gone from novelty to the mainstream. The chasm has been crossed, and with that, the 30-second commercial will soon (hopefully) be on the endangered species list. America has voted with their remotes and now believe that its their god-given right to be able to fast-forward through any and all commercials that clutter their favorite-TV shows. The finale of American Idol ran over by 9 minutes, and millions did not get to witness the announcement of Jordin Sparks as the newest American Idol. Of course they knew she won, but their TiVo and DVR machines did not capture the moment. This has become quite the controvery and Fox is being criticized for not taking into account those recording the show. Brave New World indeed my friend.

I listen to Live 105, but I am moving over to Pandora or LastFM radio because of the annoying commercials. Would someone please invent a commercial zapper for terrestrial radio? I am totally fine with complete silence during the annoying Shane Jewelers or AT&T Blue Room commercials. It is really unbearable if you listen in the office to be invaded by these incessant ads day after day. We have been taught by TiVo and Sirius that we should not have to listen to ads that are not relevant. There will be some very bright and talented people working on improved methods to deliver ads for TV and radio. Google is an obvious candidate. In the meantime, the Internet streams offer a nice alternative to commercial-radio. I am hoping that Sirius/XM and the Pandora/LastFM radio formats gain popularity in order that we see a radio revolution that mirrors what TiVo had done to broadcast television.

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